Congrats to the newest inductees to Oracle!

Presenting .oOracle Class of 2013:

Akshat Vaidya
Anthony Tran
Ben Watkins
Bhargavi Ammu
Dana Tom
Isabel Han
Kaileen Yeh
Kenny Puk
Mak Hussain
Michelle Leong
Michelle Shieh
Quratul-Ann Malik
Ram Narayan
Shawn Chen
Tanvir Gopal
Toni Gatchalian
Trisha Sanghavi
Victor Eric Garcia

Oracle Senior Society was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003 with the goal of bringing together Senior Asian/Pacific Islander student leaders from all facets of university life, for the purposes of networking as well as exchanging experiences and ideas.

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    Congratulations to our sister Michelle Leong on being inducted into Oracle!!
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